JB’s Leadership Tips (Home Edition)

JB’s Leadership Tips (Home Edition)

  1. Every meeting does not need to be Zoom or WebEx meeting with video. We know we all want to stay connected during this work from home time, however, that does not mean we have to see each other EVERY TIME we meet. Stop it. Did we meet face to face every time in the office?
  2. Don’t meet with your employees each and every day. Trust your employees. Check on them socially and ask them is there anything you can do to support them. Do not schedule a check in visual huddle everyday. Your employees are great and that’s why you hired them. They know how to reach you. (I need to practice this one too.)
  3. Silence on a conference call can mean the same things it does in a regular in person team meeting. It could mean that everyone gets it and does not have questions and it could mean that everyone is scared to death about an issue and does not want to be the first to bring something up. Trust your gut and when you think it is the later, make individual calls to follow up and give your team members personal attention.
  4. If the Video Camera is ON! please ACT LIKE the CAMERA IS ON!
  5. Make a Toast to each other and celebrate victories and small wins. For example: We all made it to the call on time. Nobody killed a kid during home schooling and work from home time today. Everybody is safe and healthy. I am not saying your toast has to be with alcohol, but you are at home although you working. Your call. 🙂. How is your leader going to know either way. 🙂

Lead with Care, Compassion and Current Information. Realize that with home school, taking care of elderly parents, working and not being overwhelmed by the current state of the world, we only have so much Capacity. Let your team use their capacity wisely.

Appreciate your team.

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