Happy 4th of July? Nah…….I’m Good.

Are you grappling with, or unsure of how you should approach July 4, 2020? If so, that is the first step to answering your favorite question, “What should I do?” Sit, listen and learn. Realize that:

1619 – First Enslaved Africans Arrive in USA
1776 – Birth of USA: 3/5 of a human
1863/65 – End of Slavery? (Not really)

1865 – 2020 – Slave Codes, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Segregation, Police Brutality, Discrimination, Intentional Bias, Redlining, Health, Education and Economic Inequality, Gentrification, Racial Covenants, Mass Incarceration, and Racism, Racism, Racism.

In 1776, the USA was born and slaves existed for the next 100 years. Racism continued and continues. After you listen and learn, realize your current solutions that you want to institute immediately must include more than Juneteenth Celebrations, Black National Anthem at NFL games, Aunt Jemima being removed from syrup and corporate statements. In the words of the SOS Band, Take Your Time and Do It Right!

Happy 4th of July? Nah………..I’m good.


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