Excuse me, would you like to be seated?

No thank you. I don’t want a seat at the table! I am not rude, nor am I unappreciative of your invite. I just think your invite to sit at the table is too late. Let me explain.

I want you to be with me when we: 1) co-locate the spot to find the materials to build the table (Bad materials make bad tables.); 2) design the framework for the table (Bad table design makes for bad or unintended table outcomes/results.); 3) correct the mistakes we will make when we start building the table (Scientists require many tests/trials before they are confident to move forward with their solutions. An educated guess requires re-education before you sometimes have to guess again.); 4) sandpaper the wood (If you make the wood for the table smooth before I get there, I won’t appreciate the rough spots you sandpapered away before I arrived. I also won’t appreciate the rough spots we find together in case there are more along the way.); 5) layout the plan/framework to build the table (Poor planning leads to poor performance and unintended outcomes/results. The need for the table may have changed since we designed the framework earlier in the process.); 6) build the table together (Joint work is co-work. I don’t need you telling me how to build the table if you are not actually willing to build it yourself.); 7) determine if the table is still relevant for the purpose we built it (The table is finished, but the desired outcomes may be different since it took so long to build the table. We may NEED a BIGGER and MORE INCLUSIVE table.); 8) arrange the seats for the table (Where and when seating takes place is important. Some people may need to be excused from the table as well.); and 9) finally sit down at the table to get the work done. (We need the right tools at the table when we sit down so we can keep building. If you spent all of our money on the table, the table is just window dressing and not a work table.)

I don’t want a seat at the table!

#FadetoBlack #equityactions


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