It’s Never About Me

If I make it to the C Suite and I am the only one who looks like me in the room, I have not made it. It is important to bring more people through the door and make a better way for others who look like you and others from more diverse backgrounds.

Kamau Bell

As I lead and serve, I will never say in describing my accomplishments: “it is unprecedented” “first time ever” “no one has ever done it” “we are the only ones who could do it” “we are getting first time approvals” “we are the best” “everybody loves us.”

Instead, I will say: I take full responsibility, I appreciate you, we will work together, I believe in you, we need all of us to work together, and I am grateful for your faith and support. It is not I, but we who will get through this together.

Be Leaders, Be Humble, Join Together, Acknowledge how you can get better, Acknowledge your mistakes, Be There and show care and compassion. Lift others as you climb.

When you walk with integrity and you live to serve others before yourself, you will never have to worry when those around you start to deal in lies and deceit in order to damage your reputation and character. It is one who keeps his head and maintains his values in a time of challenge that demonstrates true leadership.


Be About We and not About Me.

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